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Jan 5, 2016 . Install Forge and then drag and drop the SW mod zip file in your . minecraft/mods folder. Star Wars Mod 1.11.2 is a very popular Minecraft mod created by MaggiCraft. It adds a huge number of new features like planets, starships, lightsabers Parzi's Star Wars Mod is a playable experience of the Star Wars saga in the popular voxel game Minecraft. Our Minecraft Mod adds various new gameplay.

Do you like Star Wars? Maybe you want to incorporate Star Wars themes, items and weapons and more into Minecraft? Would May 6, 2016 This is a modpack I created as a request by some of my community members over at my Fairy Tail modpack. This modpack is jam packed. Aug 20, 2015 The Minecraft Parzi's Star Wars Mod -- Update 1.3.0! Questing! Giant Structures! Custom Lightsabers! More Ships and Armors! Tons of New. Parzi's Star Wars Mod is an attempt to recreate a playable the mod more playable, or in some cases, plausible in the Minecraft universe.